About Sound Correspondent

About Sound Correspondent
Opeth, 2019. Photo by Zahra Salah Uddin

Hi, thanks for stopping by.

Sound Correspondent is a new publication focusing on music as a lived experience. With this online magazine, I will connect music fans with musicians from local independent scenes from Berlin to Karachi to Copenhagen and beyond. From album releases to interviews, concert photography to behind-the-scenes, Sound Correspondent will bring back meaty, in-depth stories and conversations with local musicians that are currently missing in the journalism scene.

What have you always wanted to know about your favourite musician? Sound Correspondent will investigate. Have you always wanted to know how that-kid-in-that-band-from-your-hometown made a song sound like that? Let's find out.

After years of being told to become a "real" journalist, I've decided to make journalism real by adding an aspect of the artist community that slips through the cracks of mainstream media. This is music journalism that goes beyond who-wore-what-at-which-festival and how many drugs were found in the body of a dead musician.

Do you remember the feeling of flipping through a music magazine and getting to know the musicians you now love? It became a way to connect. I believe that this long-lost connection between fans and musicians needs to make a come-back like many other things from the 70s you see in stores these days. And music journalism must play an important role in bridging that gap that has gotten so large over the years.

And while I cannot provide that paper experience (YET!), the aim of this website is to build a community around the stories through free subscriptions. Join the community, share your thoughts, share these stories and let them inspire you in your everyday life as a music lover.

Zahra Salah Uddin
Founding Editor
Sound Correspondent